Sunday, October 27, 2013

fall adventure

Ebert and I are back from our fall adventure in Michigan. Our little cottage was nestled in the woods. It was a little more rustic on the inside then we had expected, and not in a modern and hip way, but it served its purpose of offering us a place to getaway from the routine of our every day. What we liked most was that even though there were houses nearby it was always quiet and at night there were no street lights which made the dark that much darker.

We enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage...

and said hello to the local residents on the short walk from the cottage to the lake.

It was picturesque both at sunset and during the day but we were always the only ones walking along the water, which was a little eerie, but probably because it was so windy and cold.

Sometimes the lake looked like the sea rather than a lake as it did when we went hiked through the Saugatuck Dunes.

We'd walk around the little towns of Saugatuck and Holland, then hang out at a coffee shop drinking espresso or tea, reading and writing...

but mostly staying warm when it snowed.

We went cider tasting...

and apple picking. We also stopped at the orchard's pie shop and got apple pie and apple cider donuts. Of course, we had to try all of the local favorites!!

And we ate at this restaurant twice. The food was delicious, the cocktails superb, but the best part was...

the amazing bread they served with house made butter and salt and pepper. Luckily for us they sold their bread by the loaves so we were able to enjoy it on the nights we stayed home and cooked. We bought two loaves of bread in 5 days, that's how much we loved it!

It was a fun getaway but it was really nice to come back on Friday and have the rest of the weekend to relax in the comforts of our own home. Now it's time to get busy and kick some creative butt. I can't believe there's only two months left of this year. Plenty of time for creating my happy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

creative retreat

Ebert and I are heading to Michigan today for a whole week. We rented a little cottage in the woods just a short walk from Lake Michigan. But get this…it doesn't have any internet! Yikes! When we finally narrowed down the places we wanted to rent we almost took our little cottage off the list because we weren't sure if we really wanted to be without internet. But then we realized that because it doesn't have internet that it was the perfect place. We need to unplug.

We're calling it our creative retreat because we'll be creating our happy without all of the distractions. There'll be lots of reading and writing and picture taking and hiking and cooking. All the things that we haven't made time for recently.

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

the other side of

Just a little weekend inspiration for you, my friends.