Sunday, June 5, 2011

sunday supper: arugula salad

Right now I'm sitting on the front porch typing away and sipping on a gin & tonic- it's been an absolutely glorious weekend in Chicago! The kind of weekend where you want to jump up and down screaming "It's summer! It's summer!". I don't think I've been this excited about summer since third grade when summer meant going to California, days at the beach, riding my bike to the candy store, afternoons at the movies, and Sweet Valley High books. Awwww....those were the days!

Even though my days aren't quite as carefree as when I was eight I'm still just as excited as ever about summer, especially all the delicious summer foods. One of my favorite things to make during summer is salads. Ebert and I pretty much eat salads all year long, but they are just more refreshing on a hot day and when you can add some fruit to them, something I hardly ever do during the fall or winter, however during the summer fruit in green leafy salads is just wonderful. So, to kick off the first official weekend of summer here are some arugula salad recipes featuring different kinds of fruit.

grilled peach, arugula & feta salad via thekitchensinkrecipes

arugula, watermelon & avocado salad via freshandfoodie

arugula w/blueberries & blue cheese via ourlifeinthekitchen

arugula mint salad with/apricots & cumin via cookingbooks

strawberry & arugula salad via dailyunadventuresincooking

Happy Cooking!

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