Saturday, January 21, 2012

what if it's already been done?

I apologize for the lack of posts here lately. I have not been creating my happy as much as I would like. This new year has not brought me the blogging inspiration that I was hoping. But now that the first month is almost to an end I realize that I need to be present here as much as possible even if I don't feel inspired to do so. Part of that is because I'm still figuring out what I want my blog's voice to be. What do I want to share with the few people who take the time to visit my blog? I look at other people's blogs and I'm in awe of their creativity and vision. Where do they find the beautiful images that inspire so many of us? How do they find the time to post on a regular basis? I want to know their secret.

As I was oogling over blogs yesterday I came across one that will be added to the list of new favorites. What struck me the most about this blog is the post of then and now photos and what the artist said about his he gave up everything with this project because it had already been done.


via passanti as seen on missmoss

I too have seen this done before, but I still enjoy looking at the images of old and new, side by side, imagining about the lives of people then compared to the lives of people now.

What if it has already been done? I what! It will not have been done before with your vision, your voice, your passion and your heart. I'm saying this directly to myself as well. Hopefully, I will believe it and do what's in my heart to do, even if it's already been done.

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