Sunday, February 9, 2014

s(o)uper sunday!

Last Sunday, while most people were watching a football game, I was watching this and making a delicious pot of pumpkin and potato soup. As I was laughing at the antics of John Candy trying to out smart a couple of raccoons, I'd hear Ebert yelling at the TV from the other room. Periodically he would come into the kitchen to give me the highlights on the game or tell me about the commercials and I would feign interest. It was a perfect set-up.

Now lets get onto the recipe which I didn't follow exactly. If I were to estimate I think I probably tripled the amount of ingredients I used which was perfect because this huge pot of soup lasted us the whole week. I love making soups for this very reason, you don't have to follow the recipe you can change it as you see fit. I didn't have agave nectar so I used honey instead turning this into a non-vegan soup. Also, I didn't add any Sriracha. It was a bit too lemony for me so next time I'll start out using less and adding more if needed.

I decided that this soup needed a bit more color so I added finely chopped kale and a couple slices of cheddar/gruyere cheese to garnish on top. A little bit of greens was the perfect touch.

Happy Sunday! What are you cooking today?

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