Tuesday, August 5, 2014

summer strolls

image via create.your.happy

A few weeks ago I went on a walk with Amy KR and a group of lovely people who had gathered together for one of her summer strolls. As with all things Amy KR does, it was absolutely lovely. It was a perfect summer evening for strolling through the neighborhoods of Chicago. And as we strolled we chatted, stopping along the way as Amy pointed things out to us and then we finished the walk where we began. Afterwards Amy treated those of us who could stay to some ice cream at Jeni's. It was nice getting to meet new people who all come together just to experience something lovely.

But what I realized after this summer stroll is that I need to go strolling more often. So that's what I've been doing. Whenever my mind is stuck I find the best way to unstick it is by getting my body moving. Sometimes grand ideas will emerge during these walks, other times the quiet and peacefulness is all I need. Of course, it's easy to go on these strolls during summer when the weather is gorgeous. I only hope that I'm able to find the motivation to stroll outside when winter comes.

If you're in Chicago this Friday, August 8 at 8:08pm then come join us at The Bean in Millennium Park for the last summer stroll. It'll be a lovely night for some Beckoning of Lovely- it's sure to be magical!

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