Thursday, June 4, 2015

tennessee vacation - part one

Ebert and I went road trippin' down to Tennessee last week. We planned a little get-away so we could spend some time together, knowing that once school starts life will become extremely busy and we may not see much of each other. It's the good kind of busy though because I'll be creating my happy- super exciting!

After much discussion we decided a road trip to visit friends was our best option. Since we visited Nashville last summer we didn't feel like we had to do touristy things this time, so our itinerary included lots of relaxing and hanging out- exactly what we wanted. We spent a night at our friend's lake house which is the absolute best place for relaxing. This was our morning view. Not too shabby.

We spent the afternoon cruising around on a pontoon boat...

And even on a holiday weekend the lake was so peaceful.

But the best part was getting smooches from this little guy...he is just too cute!

If you ever go to Nashville then you must go to Martin's BBQ. We were craving it ever since we ate their last summer so, of course, we had to go there again and it's just as good as we remembered! We also got to have dinner with some other friends who recently moved to Nashville from LA. I love that so many wonderful people from our time in LA, which seems like a lifetime ago, are now within driving distance from Chicago. We're hoping to see all of our Nashville friends more often.

After a few days in Nashville we continued our road trip eastward to the Smoky Mountains where we were going to do some hiking and camping. And that is where I will leave you because that part of our trip was quite the adventure and deserves its own post.

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