Sunday, December 13, 2015

opening night!

via create.your.happy

I'm very's opening night for Domesticated at Steppenwolf Theater. I still can't believe that I'm part of the ensemble cast and an understudy for this production. It has been a thrilling experience, I've learned so much and the absolute best part is that I'm creating my happy! It has been a combination of hard work, and doing a lot of it, along with perseverance and trusting that things will work out that has brought me to this place. And more often than not things work out in ways I never imagined. I don't know if that's a magic formula or not but it has worked for me. It's a good reminder that you have to keep at it no matter what because this career can be very frustrating at times. There have been moments when I've had second thoughts about this path that I've chosen but my desire to keep at it has always been stronger than any doubts or frustrations that I've felt along the way. A brilliant actor and teacher friend of mine said "Find joy in the pursuit because we spend very little time in the actual doing during this career." I think that's true of any have to find the joy in all things you do.