Tuesday, June 1, 2010

six months

It's hard to believe that exactly six months ago today we were arriving in Chicago (the suburbs of Winfield to be exact) starting a new adventure. The unexpected detour at the start of our journey, otherwise known as the big move part one and part two, is just a faint memory, a great story to tell.
But, there will be lots more great stories to tell because we have been official city dwellers for one month now and are loving it! Not to say that we did not enjoy the 5 months we spent in the suburbs, but Chicago is alive and vibrant- everyone comes out to play during theses few months of nice weather. There's a surge of energy flowing throughout the city that is infectious. It makes me feel like I'm finally awakening from my creative hibernation, which is why, after infrequent postings this winter, I hope to make this writing thing a regular occurrence.
So, over the past 6 months Mike and I have had many experiences that have taught us valuable life lessons and here are some of those lessons -
Baking a cake from a box mix is a lot harder than
baking a cake from scratch.
If there's one monkey on the path, you can bet there are more nearby.
There are times when you should not eat everything on your plate.
Sometimes you have to do more than just go with the flow, you have to get out and push.
True beauty is never lost
just because it looks broken on the outside.
And, when all else fails....there's always frushi.

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