Thursday, July 22, 2010

the list

I am 30. It's been exactly one week since my birthday and my freshly turned 30 self has perfectly chosen this day to inspire my one-week-old 30 self. I woke up this morning and was reminded that now that I'm 30 I want to shake things up a bit. The habits, routine, rut, what-have-you that I've created for myself since I moved to Chicago are not getting me any where. I need to wake up in the morning, clap my hands, and say "Today, is gonna be a great day!" And, although, I didn't quite do that this morning, there was an unknowing shift that happened- a little whisper telling me to write, to do something, to create my happy.
So, I've boldly plunged into the icy, cold waters of the unknown, without thinking too much about it, and have thus emerged with a sense of exhilaration for what is to come.
And the first thing I needed to do was to revamp my '30 Things I've Learned Before Turning 30' list since I wasn't able to finish writing it before turning 30 (see #1, #15, #17 and #19).
I hope I am always inspired by this list.
30 Things I've Learned About Me, Myself, and Life
1. I don't like making lists as much as I thought.
2. When I met 'the one' I just knew.
3. Practice really does make perfect.
4. Don't get attached to things; things do not make my life.
5. Sometimes it's hard to ask for what I want, but it's very important that I do.
6. Beets are good!
7. When faced with a choice between strawberry or chocolate, I will always choose strawberry.
8. Don't take myself too seriously- so smile often, dance wildly, laugh as loud as I can, and sing my heart out.
9. Death can be a beautiful event if I can give those who have passed my love and grant them their freedom.
10. It's best to order a la carte at Mexican restaurants.
11. Solitude and Silence.
12. When I think about doing something, don't wait to do it, just do it now.
13. Time doesn't necessarily heal all wounds, it just serves as a band-aid for them.
14. Regret is not going to get me any where.
15. I have and probably always will be a procrastinator.
16. The details are very important to me.
17. I am easily distracted.
18. I still and probably never will like onions, although at times I can tolerate them.
19. I can be very indecisive, so I need to trust that as long as I commit to something, anything, I can't go wrong.
20. It's easier to forgive then forget, but I will be a happier person if I can do both.
21. Showers are better than baths.
22. The dollar to quantity ratio, for whatever reason, is important to me.
23. Cooking from scratch always tastes better.
24. Everyone is busy and sometimes it takes more effort on my part to stay in touch with the people I care about the most. But, no matter how much time has past or distance separates us, your true friends will always be worth the effort.
25. If I don't want to do something, then I shouldn't. Although, if I feel like I have do it then it's probably best to change my attitude about whatever I'm doing.
26. There are times when sleeping in and staying in my pajamas all day is a must.
27. Dancing in the rain is good for my soul.
28. The prettier and the more sparkly the better.
29. My creativity likes to play hide 'n seek with me.
30. I am a better seeker than I think I am.

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