Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday supper: bread & cheese

IMG 6657

This is one of our favorite meals during the summer time. Come to think of it this is one of our favorite meals any time of year the only thing that changes is the color of wine in our glasses. On this particular day Ebert and I were drinking an Espiral Vinho Verde - a light and refreshing libation for warm summer days and since it's a budget friendly wine we don't feel bad buying two bottles.

This is such a simple and satisfying meal. I love dipping a chunk of crusty sourdough bread into a dish of golden olive oil, the bread soaking up all the peppery flavor. Then laying a piece of soft cheese on top and when you take a bite the olive oil oozes out from the nooks of the bread spreading over the cheese and creating these amazing flavors and textures.

One of our favorite oils is My Brother's Olive Oil - it's great for salad dressings and dipping oils, but since it is like "liquid gold" we don't usually cook with it instead we'll use a less expensive olive oil for sauteing and such.

Sometimes the simplest of meals can be the most delicious!

Happy Sunday!

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