Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday supper: sweet potatoes

It's a warm Sunday afternoon in Chicago and I'm loving it. There were some flurries of snow earlier this week and my heart sank - I am not excited about winter this year. Hopefully, I'll get into the spirit by cooking and baking. Speaking of cooking, one of my favorite fall foods is the sweet potato...sans marshmallows. The sweet potato is such a delicious and flavorful food why would you ruin it by putting fluff on it? When Ebert and I buy sweet potatoes we usually turn them into fries but after perusing numerous recipes I think it's time we try something new. Hope you enjoy!

Truffled beet salad top logo

roasted sweet potato & beet salad via hungryfoodiespharmacy


smoky sweet potato & carrot soup via thecafesucrefarine


vegetable pot pie w/sweet potato biscuits via fiveandspice


sweet potato gnocchi via acouplecooks


white chocolate, cranberry, pecan & sweet potato cookies via evilshenanigans

Happy Cooking!

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