Wednesday, June 13, 2012

story rules

I've been having trouble sleeping this week. I usually never have trouble sleeping. I'm the girl who needs at least 9 hours to fully function, otherwise anything less than that and I'm just a half version of myself. But tonight, as I write this, I'm feeling a little anxiety wondering if it'll be another restless night for me. I don't like going through my days with eyes half closed, wanting nothing more than for the day to be over so I can just catch some z's. I will say that there has been one good thing that has come from this minor case of insomnia- my midnight bouts of creativity. I'm not just lying in bed waiting to fall back asleep, I'm actually getting out of bed and creating. It feels good.

This is what has inspired these late night writing sessions. Ebert sent it to me on Sunday. He sent it to me first thing in the morning but I didn't read it right away. I left it in my inbox untouched. It wasn't until I'd been tossing and turning for a while that I decided to do some mindless internet surfing on my phone and that's when I saw the unread email...just sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read. So I read it. I wasn't in the mood to be inspired, I was tired and wanted to sleep but I was inspired. In fact, I was compelled. I was so compelled that I got out of bed and started writing not caring what spewed out onto the page. I just knew that I needed to write because compelling stories are the stories that I want to tell. What I'm writing may not be very good, most likely it's not but it's a start. I'm getting it out of my head and putting it on paper because I must tell this story.

Here are all of the guidelines but these two are my favorites:

Screen shot 2012 06 13 at 10 24 28 PM

Screen shot 2012 06 13 at 10 24 36 PM

{guidelines via pixartouchbook}

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