Tuesday, June 26, 2012

to sleep under the stars

This is on my list of 31 things to do before I turn 32...to sleep under the stars. And by sleeping under the stars I mean to actually be able to see stars while falling asleep. Doesn't that sound amazing? But I know that is not going to happen in the city and most likely won't happen before my birthday either (which is only in a few weeks). Seriously, how the heck am I already turning 32? When did I become a person in my thirties? I could be a character on the show Thirtysomething! Wait...that's not possible. Those people were old and I am definitely not old, but I am thirtysomething (gulp!).

Anyway, I would like to sleep under the stars, if not soon then someday. And when that someday happens if it could be at any of these awesome places then that would be doubly awesome. But I will also consider just some good 'ol fashion camping too. Ebert was a boy scout after all!


Blue Mountains Safari: Sydney, Australia

Galery suit dome8

Ecocamp: Patagonia, Chile

Screen shot 2012 06 10 at 8 28 19 PM

Tenthouse Suites: British Columbia, Canada

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