Sunday, December 2, 2012

handmade holiday day 10

Christmas ornaments make great Christmas presents!

Every year since we've been married Ebert and I have bought an ornament to a go on our Christmas tree. We wanted to start our own ornament collection since both of our childhood ornaments are still at our parent's and it just doesn't seem right to take them. The funny thing is that we've never bought a Christmas tree for our ornaments to go on. In fact, we've never bought a Christmas tree together...ever! One year we will.

This was our first ornament. We found some great handmade wooden ornaments for year two and year three at the Kindlmarket. We've decided to keep with the theme of handmade and wooden for year four with this awesome solid walnut snowflake ornament. I can't wait for it to arrive! I really like this tradition of handmade and wooden ornaments, themes are good. I think the only exception will be for every 5th year we'll do something different. I'd still like a handmade ornament but just a little bit fancier.

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