Sunday, February 10, 2013

vintage school map

The great photo wall is no more. After all that planning and inspiration gathering I decided I wanted something else. Surprise, surprise! Thank goodness I have a patient husband who is willing to let me change things up as often as I like. We replaced the photo wall with this vintage school map that I found on etsy. I absolutely love least for now!

One great thing about this map is that it covers all the holes in the wall. The other great thing is that we're brushing up on our US geography. In no time at all we'll be able to list ALL the state capitals! We thought we knew them but once Ebert and I started quizzing each other we realized that our 5th grade knowledge has escaped us.

I love the color that it adds to the room. Now, I just need to find some awesome kitchen chairs. I'd love a mix and match look like this or just white chairs like this. Also, it's a great conversation piece. We had a Groundhog Day party (which I'll blog about soon) and everyone kept standing in front of the map, pointing things out and talking about it. I love a piece of art that is also educational!

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