Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the great photo wall

It started as pieces of paper taped to a wall in different frame sizes.
IMG 9491

Then we nailed holes in the wall and hung frames in the design configuration we liked.
IMG 9757

But, of course, I changed my mind so we started over and nailed more holes in the wall.
IMG 0299

And now we finally have our picture wall.
IMG 0467

I would have liked the wall to look more like one of these designs but I didn't have enough variety of frames and by the time I got around to hanging the frames I could no longer return them so I just went with what I had instead of buying new ones. I'll be honest it's a somewhat daunting (and expensive) task deciding what pictures to put in what frames and how to hang them. There are still some pictures I want to change out and I'm also going to change a couple frames so it's not so matchy matchy, but all-in-all I think it's a good first attempt at a photo wall.

Next time I will only buy wall hanging frames and not the frames with the easel backs that can hang on the wall or stand up- that was one of my mistakes with this project which made the task of hanging the frames in a straight line very frustrating. I will also insist that Ebert use a level when hanging pictures. He swore he didn't need one, but he did! You might have noticed that some of the frames are a bit crooked that's because this wall is by our back door so every time we open and close the door the frames shift. Annoying! We have to put something sticky behind the frames to keep them from moving, so next time I will not be hanging this many pictures by a door.

Even though this project took forever and there were some major frustrations along the way, it's nice to finally cross this off of my list. Now...on to the next project!

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