Saturday, March 24, 2012

a lesson learned

I learned a very important lesson on Thursday. Not a new lesson, it's something I've heard before but never quite got. I think I finally got it now.

I was driving home from my "day job", I was literally just a few blocks from having left work, when it hit me. You see I left this "day job" filled with joy. Nothing particularly special happened to me this day. It was a usual kind of Thursday where everyone is excited about Friday, errands were run, emails were returned, a co-worker's birthday was celebrated. It really could have been any day...but it wasn't. This day taught me that happiness can come from anywhere. And so I think I finally understand what the Universe has been trying for years to teach me - I can be happy doing other things while still pursuing my dreams.

My mind frame before has been that I need to be suffering while pursuing my dreams. I shouldn't find enjoyment in anything other than my heart's desire because I felt that taking joy in something else would lead me further away from my dreams instead of bringing me closer to them.

I like this realization...that feeling joy brings more joy. It opens the door to so many more wondrous experiences in life. It feels limitless. It feels like my dreams are just around the corner, happening now.

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