Monday, March 5, 2012

keep calm and carry on

via youtube as seen on kottke

I never really liked these posters. I'm not sure why, probably because I saw them every where and never understood the desire for the ones that said things like "Keep Calm and Go Shopping" or something similarly ridiculous. But after seeing this video I think I'd like one. There's something beautiful about knowing the meaning behind these words even though they were written in a time of war and sadness and terror. These simple words, why are they so powerful and meaningful now?


M. or W.W. said...

I love this!!! Wow! I was always one who totally disliked those posters too. For some reason I always thought they were "new". I simply love the story behind them, and I think I will also blog about it too now! ;) Thanks so much for sharing!
BTW, are you married to Mike??

M. or W.W. said...

Oh, yes! I see on FB that this is you! My Mike is your Mike's cousin and the three of us went to high school together. :) Nice to see your blog -- I've really been enjoying reading through your posts. I especially liked your Henry Miller rules post. Mike is an author and I will SO be sharing that with him. If you ever want to stop by our blog, you can find it at :)

Rosa said...

Oh hi! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. It's nice to know that someone other than my Mike reads it! Looking forward to check out your blog too.