Monday, March 25, 2013

seattle fun

Seattle was indeed fun…as expected!

We visited the Microsoft Campus.

We saw the very first Starbucks. The line was too long so we didn't go in. You've been to one Starbucks you've been to them all, right? It was still cool to see because I worked at Starbucks for six years and it was a co-worker there that introduced me to Ebert.

We walked around Pike Place Market: the fishmongers were throwing fish, the fruit and vegetable stands were filled with the most colorful produce I'd seen in a long time, and the vibrant bouquets of flowers made it feel just like spring.

We ate delicious food and drank beers from the Pacific Northwest.

beers to the power of 5 @ 8oz Burger Bar

St. Patty's Day dinner: Irish Beef Stew, Colcannon & Roasted Broccoli

Red Hook Brewery Tour

But, really, the best part was being out in nature…

Snoqualmie Falls- does the lodge in the background look familiar?

Meydenbauer Beach Park


view of Seattle from Kirkland

…and spending time with these amazing people.

sister: Ana, Ebert, me, cousins: Andrea & Emilio

Many thanks to Andrea and Emilio for being such wonderful hosts! I feel truly blessed to have such a great family. Here are some of Andrea's photos from our trip.

And, Seattle, you better believe we'll be back. We definitely have a crush on you!

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