Wednesday, April 10, 2013

grilled cheese

Today I came home from work in a mood. Nothing specific happened to put me in this mood I just wasn't feeling it today. Of course, since I was in this mood I couldn't decide if I was hungry or not. I kind of was hungry but then again I kind of wasn't. I didn't really want to make anything for dinner, or did I? Leftovers didn't sound appetizing and I certainly couldn't justify ordering take out since I wasn't even sure if I was hungry or not. The worst part was that Ebert was coming home late so he wasn't here to help me with my indecisiveness.

What I finally decided to do was pour myself a glass of wine and try to write. Tonight's attempt at writing was not going very well so my mood had not improved by the time Ebert came home. He asked if I was hungry and I gave him some wishy-washy answers- "Well…I'm kind of hungry, but not really." "I don't know what I'm hungry for." "Nothing sounds good."

He patiently listened to my whining (because lets face it that's what it was), then asked if I wanted him to make me something. He even offered to go out and pick up anything I was in the mood for. I declined both, insisting it was too much effort.

Ebert then goes into the kitchen while I try to finish writing just one page. That's all I wanted to get done was one page, but even after an hour of writing I was still a paragraph or so from my goal. In the meantime, I can hear Ebert clanking around in the kitchen but I don't think too much about it. I thought he was either putting the dishes away or making himself something to eat. But a few minutes later he comes back into the office with a grilled cheese sandwich…for ME! My super awesome husband made me a grilled cheese sandwich. Now, it wasn't a fancy grilled cheese, it was a simple, regular grilled cheese but it was delicious- one of the best tasting grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had! I'm sure you can guess who's no longer feeling blah and now has a happy smile on her face! A little love and kindness sure goes a long way.

Thanks, Ebert! You're my favorite!