Wednesday, June 5, 2013

100 Days of Chicago

willis tower via create.your.happy

About a month ago I randomly found out about this 100 Days of Chicago photo contest. Without thinking too much about it I decided to just go for it and entered one of my photos into the contest. And what do you know…my photo got voted in as a finalist!

Now the final voting phrase has begun. You can vote for my photo once every day from now until June 11. All you have to do is click here, create an account and vote for my photo of the Willis Tower!

Basically, whoever wins this contest will have done so because they got the most votes from their family and friends. I'm not a huge fan of these popularity type contests but to be quite honest this is probably the only way that I even have a chance of winning. I don't think my photo is bad. I actually really like it and think it's ok, but there are some really awesome photos in this contest. The main reason I entered is because the grand prize winner gets a seven week class from the Chicago Photography Center. I would love an opportunity to learn how to take better photos, to go from taking an ok photo to taking a really awesome photo. And it would be a great way to end this photo project - year one, year two, year three and year four in progress.

Please remember to vote for my photo!

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