Friday, November 21, 2014

breaking the silence

I hope I remember how to do this blogging thing- it's been a long time. Too long. This is my longest silence since I started blogging almost 5 years ago. Yikes! That's a crazy realization. Clearly, I haven't been too inspired to blog these days but at the same time I'm not ready to stop. I think I need to change things up, although I don't know what that means yet. Hopefully, just showing up here will give me some insight into the direction I should take.

Well…tonight is the Better Than Ezra concert and you might be wondering about that guitar pick and this song. I wish I could say that I might possibly be rockin' it onstage tonight with the band, that all those months of practicing were worth it, that the uncomfortableness is no longer, that I did it- I learned the song! But I can't. Because the truth is, I didn't. And I'm a little sad about that. I'd be a lot sadder, however, if I had never tried at all. That's a bit of a consolation but not much.

I did learn how to play the chords G, C, D and Em though. And those 4 chords make up the song so all I need to do is practice A LOT and be ok with it taking awhile. I think that's the hard part really. It's not learning the chords or how to strum, the hard part is in the keeping at it…for however long it takes.

{image via create.your.happy}

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