Thursday, March 17, 2011

star gazing

Good things are happening on this here blog of mine- not only did I get to collaborate with Julia yesterday, but today I'm collaborating with the talented Becky of Empty Wallet. Becky created Empty Wallet to share her love of the arts with the people of Chicago, but knowing that a lot of artists have empty wallets themselves only free or pay-what-you-can events are listed. I love that! I often say to Ebert "chicks dig economy", especially this unemployed chick. Empty Wallet is currently getting a makeover, so in the meantime you can look for free events here on create . your . happy!

via Northwestern University's CIERA

The first event Empty Wallet has for us is a FREE public viewing at the Dearborn Observatory in Evanston. Every Friday at 8pm the Dearborn Observatory is open for public observing with the historic 18.5-inch refracting telescope. Spend an evening gazing into the night sky dreaming about boldly going where no man has gone before. Doesn't that sound lovely? And you can't beat free.