Wednesday, July 20, 2011

secrets of a great harry potter party

This recent birthday has taught me a few things, or at least reaffirmed a few things I already knew- I love theme parties and d.i.y projects, I especially love when I can find economical ways to make the projects happen. I still wait until the last minute to get everything done which means I don't have enough time to get everything done so it doesn't all happen exactly how I want it to. And I never take enough pictures.

IMG 7351
The golden snitches were made out of rocher chocolates using this template for the wings.

IMG 7361
Simply open a bag of these for some green, crunchy troll boogers.

IMG 7353
Ok, these aren't real pumpkin pasties but I do love me some cheesecake.

IMG 7357
I scored some adorable owl swizzle sticks on sale at West Elm.

IMG 7354
Don't throw out your glass jars, reuse and repurpose them. It's eco(nomy)-friendly!

IMG 7355
Another great find.

IMG 7356
The dollar store had these gigantic beer mugs, a la Hagrid size- perfect for the licorice wands, but a little too big for the pretzel wands.

IMG 7364
This is a great template for apothecary style labels.

And every Harry Potter party needs a Platform 9 3/4 photo booth! I got the brick wallpaper from Michael's and handmade the platform sign.

IMG 7383
IMG 7367
All in all it was a great birthday and a very fun party! I'm so glad my sister and cousins flew all the way from Phoenix to Chicago to be a part of the magic!

Now, what can I plan next?

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