Tuesday, November 13, 2012

one week later

The exciting news I've been wanting to share for an entire week is that Ebert and I attended Obama's re-election night party in Chicago last Tuesday. It was an amazing experience— a night I will never forget!

Sure we had to stand in a crowd of thousands and thousands of people for over 4 hours and we were tired and thirsty and it was sweltering hot at times but we were all in this together- cheering on and showing our support, not just for our president, but for each other. For the hope that if we just work together, give a little and share a little, that the dream we all want to believe in can be enjoyed by all.

I know...it might be a little too optimistic but if we don't have dreams to believe in then what do we have?

Looking back at these pictures I can't believe that I was actually there. I wanted so much to be in the moment enjoying the experience for myself but I also wanted to share it with everyone else. It wasn't until the next morning as I was driving to work listening to NPR's recap of the election that it hit me. I was there. I heard the president speak. I connected with thousands of strangers because we all had one thing in common...we were overjoyed that Barack Obama was re-elected as our president.

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