Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday supper: cucina milanese

Ebert's in Milan this week for business. As in Milan, Italy not to be confused with Milan, Michigan or Milan, Indiana or Milan, New York. I'm sure those are fine places to visit, but maybe not worth a blog post about. Yes, I will admit that I am mildly jealous - my husband is in Italy without me! I know, I know it's for business, but still. Truth be told, I am more excited for him than I am sad for me. All his hard work is paying off, there are so many exciting opportunities coming his way and since he's pretty much the most amazing person I know he deserves all the greatness in the world.

Milan, Italy

To honor Ebert's adventure in Milan, I thought it would be fun to share some traditional Cucina Milanese. But first, here's a mouth-watering article that will give you some history on the types of food eaten in this region of Italy and another article on where to eat in Milan.

Risotto alla milanese - risotto made with saffron and bone marrow

Ossobuco - veal shanks

Costolette alla milanese - breaded veal chops

Minestrone alla milanese - minestrone soup milanese style

Risotto al salto - leftover risotto cakes

Cassoeula - pork and cabbage stew

Ceci con la tempia di maiale - chickpeas and pork temple

I really want to learn more about different Italian cuisines now. The Cucina Milanese uses more veal and pork then I would ever eat, seeing how I've never eaten either of those foods, but I do love risotto and gorgonzola and panettone. Oh, Milano!

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