Friday, May 6, 2011

outdoor garden

I am really loving these outdoor gardens. We don't have much space on our patio so a small vertical garden would be perfect. Last summer I tried planting an indoor herb garden, but sadly my rosemary and mint did not make it more than a few weeks so I don't think I have much of a green thumb. Although I should because my mom, back in her hippie days, used to grow her own vegetables. And when I was little I remember my Tata used to grow tomatoes and peppers and watermelons. I'm just hoping that a green thumb is genetic. I know that if I can convince Ebert to help me (hint hint) that we would have a glorious garden- green thumbs definitely run in his family. I'm sure there's nothing like the feel of picking your own vegetables fresh out of the ground, but since there is only concrete in my backyard I will have to get creative. Ah, I do love city life, even when it means creating a garden out of a wood pallet.

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