Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday supper: curds and beer

We're in Wisconsin this weekend visiting family and every time we come up here we have two special requests- cheese curds and New Glarus beer in the fridge. Since our request is always granted we end up eating way too much cheese and have to go on a cheese detox when we get home. But it's worth it and just part of the weekend fun! If you ever find yourself in Wisconsin then you have to, it's an absolute must, enjoy both of these deliciousness- cheese curds are best when they are from and eaten in Wisconsin and you can only get New Glarus beer locally. I highly recommend the Two Women and the Belgian Red, although all New Glarus beers are quite good. And garlic and dill cheese curds are my favorite. If you aren't exactly sure what a curd is, or you just love cheese, then watch this video. And if you want to get real fancy then eat cheese curds while drinking a New Glarus. Ahhhhhh . . . weekend getaways are the best!

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