Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday supper: mexican fiesta

IMG 6699
Last night we had a Fiesta party that we called "Catorce de Mayo". It was a party for Ebert's birthday and even though he doesn't like a fuss to be made about his birthday he graciously allowed me to go a little overboard, like making party decorations (hence the homemade birthday sign), but really it was just a good excuse to get together with family and friends. There was lots of eating and drinking done by all, although with playing the role of the host I forgot to take pictures of all the food. I made some traditional favorites like rice and beans, but I also wanted to try some new recipes like Chicken Chile Verde and a
Mexican Chocolate Cake for dessert. I don't think my cooking is quite as good as my nana's or mom's, but with a little more practice I'm sure I'll get there. The best part is all the delicious leftovers we ate today!

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