Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday supper: pears

I haven't done much cooking with pears. The extent of my pear use has only been to put slices of them on top of lettuce, but for some reason I'm craving this fall fruit. Maybe it's because the trees outside my front window are barren and I'm wearing wooly socks. In any case, here are some fall pear recipes— excluding poached pears because those just don't sound good— for this chilly Sunday evening.

Web Pear Brie Panini

panini w/pears, brie, caramelized walnuts & arugula pesto mayo via vegetablematter

Quinoa FALLSalad99

quinoa salad w/pears, baby spinach & chick peas via glutenfreegoddess

5403970481 a294886c01 z

fresh ginger pear bread via smellslikehome

Pearcrisp600 2

pear & cranberry pecan coconut crisp via seasonsandsuppers

Happy Cooking!

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