Sunday, October 30, 2011

sunday supper: butternut squash

I was going to share some pumpkin recipes today in honor of Halloween, and also because I love pumpkin but then I remembered that's what I did last year. Even though I haven't been writing and sharing as much as I'd like to I certainly don't want to get lazy with my posts by repeating myself just because it would be easy. So I spent more time than usual finding delicious recipes of another fall vegetable- the butternut squash. Now I don't cook with butternut squash very often and not because I don't like this squash, mainly because it's a lot of work to peel it and cut it up. I think the last time I cooked a butternut squash was when I made this soup. But after seeing all these yummy recipes I think I'm going to have to add it to this week's grocery list.

Butternut Quesadilla

butternut squash, feta & jalapeno quesadillas via vegetablematter


baked butternut slices via blessherheart


butternut squash, arugula & goat cheese pizza via tastyyummies


spinach & butternut squash lasagna via thekitchensinkrecipes


buttermilk butternut squash bundt via foodlibrarian

Happy Cooking!

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