Saturday, August 4, 2012

vacationing the past

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Ebert and I got back from vacation last Sunday and this whole week I've felt like I've had a vacation hangover that I'm just now recovering from. First we flew to Phoenix to spend a few days with my family. I don't have any desert pictures to share... it was so hot we mainly lounged inside eating good food, drinking, and playing games— which are all fun and necessary vacation activities.

Then we drove across the desert to LA. It's hard to believe it was our first time back since we moved. We had such a great time! We hiked, hung out with friends, went to the beach, ate at a few of our favorite restaurants (La Cabanita, Cafe Bravo, the Brewhouse), and went to Santa Barbara for the day. There were some friends we didn't get a chance to see and lots more things we wanted to do, but it was kindof a whirlwind trip and we just weren't able to fit it all in.

It was also a very nostalgic trip for Ebert and I. We talked a lot about how our life used to be, what we missed about Southern California living, how our lives might be different if we had stayed. A lot has changed since we left, but at the same time a lot has stayed the same. That is comforting. What we realized has changed the most - is us - and we came back with a fresh perspective.

Visiting LA was good, but coming back to Chicago was great! It's least, for now.

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