Wednesday, September 12, 2012

peach blueberry crostata

Practice really does make perfect. Although if I had it my way perfect would happen on the first try. Unfortunately, it never does for me so I'm slowly coming to terms with having to practice...a lot! My second attempt at baking a pie dough from scratch wasn't exactly perfect but I'm starting to enjoy this whole process of practicing especially when the results are so delicious.

The main thing I learned this time was to read all the directions before beginning- I shouldn't just scan them thinking I'll magically know what to do next. This was the first thing Patsy tried to teach me at our baking lesson. Obviously following instructions is right up there with practicing for me- I don't like it. I completely skipped the part about kneading the dough before rolling it out. The result was a sticky, gooey dough that stuck to my counter and eventually tore apart as I picked it up to put on the baking sheet. I tried adding more flour but didn't want to add too much and risk losing any of the flakiness of the crust. I had to re-roll it on the baking sheet to repair the parts of the dough that tore. It worked, I just wasn't able to roll it out as large as I would have liked. The crust didn't come out quite as flaky as I would have liked either, but I think I left it in the oven two minutes too long. Not too shabby for my second crostata ever!

Baking this peach blueberry crostata was my way of biding adieu to summer so the next one I bake will be welcoming back fall. Any fall flavor suggestions?

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