Thursday, August 26, 2010


Quartino is the restaurant we went to for my 30th birthday celebration! And we loved it!! We loved it so much that we've been recommending it to everyone. We told a friend who was visiting from out of town that he had to take his lady friend there for dinner. And they loved it too!!! They loved it so much that they unofficially nominated us for the best recommendation award.

Quartino serves family-style Italian food. Now, if you're anything like me family-style + Italian = gluttony. But, Quartino's family-style is more like tapas, which is the perfect amount of food if you want to try as many things on the menu as possible. And believe me, I would have if I could.

This is all of the deliciousness that we ordered-

  • Pappardelle con Cavolfiori or Tuscan Pasta Ribbons, Cauliflower, Gorgonzola Cream, Apples, & Walnuts
  • Margherita Pizza
  • Fumo Negli Occhi Pizza
  • Polenta Fries
  • Grilled Zucchini
  • Olive Plate
  • White Bean and Garlic Spread
  • Bruschette
  • And lots and lots of vino

  • Seriously, Quartino is amazing!

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    Anonymous said...

    Super fun at Quartino's. We ate outside in June and it was ah-MAZING! Great food and great atmosphere. (and cheap wine doesn't hurt!!!!)