Sunday, August 29, 2010

sunday supper: zucchini & sweet corn fritters

I came across this zucchini & sweet corn fritters recipe on Poppytalk- a favorite blog of mine that I frequent daily. The recipe was created by Jeannette Ordas from Everybody Likes Sandwiches (another favorite blog) who shares her foodie expertise on Poppytalk once a week. It really makes me happy when one blog that I like hooks up with another blog that I like and I can enjoy the creativity of both bloggers all in one blog. I have a secret wish that one day I will be a contributor for a blog- someday, for some blog, some time soon!

I also have a secret wish that one day I will try a new recipe and it will be amazing the first time I make it. But, as I've learned from 'the list' practice really does make perfect.

I did learn something fantastic from this recipe- how to whip egg whites until they form stiff peaks. I was supposed to do this for the German's Chocolate Cake, but since there was no instruction on how long this would take I convinced myself that one does not need to whip egg whites for more than a couple minutes. However, it does take more than a couple of minutes (probably closer to 5 minutes) for egg whites to change consistency from a gooey liquid to beautiful whispy peaks. And, thus, is my quibble with most recipes. Recipes should tell you approximately how long it will take to do something and what the ingredients should look like while your mixing, beating, whipping the heck out of them. Unfortunately, a lot of recipes don't do this and I really wish they would because it would be particularly helpful to us first-timers.

Happy Cooking!

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