Monday, April 11, 2011

happy monday!

Weekend fun makes me happy!

IMG 6156

chocolate goodness @ O & E

IMG 6177

sleeping lions @ the Lincoln Park Zoo

IMG 6212

homemade jamaican jerk chicken filled raviolis tossed w/roasted red bell peppers & carmelized plantains in a jamaican jerk seasoned asiago cheese cream sauce, garnished w/mango chutney & a spiced rum glaze @ Rose Angelis

A Friday evening with friends dining at Sultan's Market, then drinks (my first sazerac) & dessert at Owen & Engine.

A Saturday afternoon bike ride with Ebert to the Lincoln Park Zoo, followed by a most delicious dinner at Rose Angelis.

And to complete the weekend of fun, a picture-less Sunday evening with friends watching the Paris-Roubaix bike race and eating a goat cheese cheesecake- my first, but not last attempt at baking my favorite dessert.

Did you have a happy weekend? The weather in Chicago was gorgeous. Here's hoping to a fun-filled week with warm spring weather.

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