Thursday, September 22, 2011

cape cod

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The second half of our East Coast vacation was spent at Cape Cod with Ebert's aunt. It was lovely! Mornings were spent walking along the beach, afternoons were spent picnic'ing on the beach, and evenings were spent watching glorious sunsets. We watched the fishermen coming in with their catch of the day while eager seals and seagulls swam around their boats hoping for leftovers. We ate the best fish 'n chips I have ever had here. I tried crab cakes for the first time and actually liked it. I was even tempted to try clam chowder because I figured if I was going to try it anywhere then the Cape would be the place to do so. But, unfortunately, I waited until our last night to do so and the restaurant we dined at only served it with bacon in it so I didn't order it. Next time perhaps. Because there will definitely be a next time. Thanks Aunt Laurie for being such a gracious host and showing us around the Cape!

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