Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday supper: figs

I bought a carton of figs at Trader Joe's the other day. Can you believe that was my first time buying fresh figs? What's even more shocking is that up until then Ebert had only ever eaten a fig in the 'Newton' form. He was pleasantly surprised with how much he liked them. We have know been eating a lot of figs - for dinner I made a spinach, blue cheese, and fig salad with an olive oil and fig balsamic dressing. I've been putting fig and banana slices on top of yogurt with almonds and walnuts for a delicious, healthy breakfast. And I've been eating them whole for a quick and easy snack. I haven't been able to cook with them yet, maybe with the next carton I buy I'll be able to try some of these recipes.

Mascarpone fig tart 4

rosemary-scented mascarpone fig tart via mikestable

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quinoa salad w/figs via dishingupdelights

I also want to try her fig yogurt cake, it looks so yummy!


chocolate-covered figs w/sea salt via circlebkitchen

Pizzaz 04

rustic fig & goat cheese pizza via sproutedkitchen

Happy Cooking on this dreary Sunday!

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