Wednesday, December 1, 2010

one year ago

What an adventure this past year has been. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to LA and moving to Chicago. I can still see the beautiful mountains from our back porch. The pictures from our life there are so vivid in my mind. But, then there are moments when it seems like a lifetime ago- living in LA was such a different life for us, it feels more like a distant land that I once dreamt about rather than a place we called home. Now, LA is like this foreign country that I would be completely unfamiliar with. So much has changed.

But, here I am on the 1st of December, one year later, sitting in front of the fireplace of our Chicago apartment as tiny snowflakes quietly fall from the darkened sky. This year has been an amazing adventure and being nestled in the warmth and quiet of the evening brings about such a beautiful, happy feeling for what has happened and for what is to come.

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